At a Parent Commission & Family Dedication, a blessing will be pronounced over the child and the parents. Parents will dedicate themselves to raising their child in a Christ-centered manner. The church will likewise respond to this call as partners in the child’s Christian development. Parents are identified as the primary disciple-makers of their children and the church publicly affirms this God-ordained call.
Order of Parent Commission & Family Dedication
1. Parents and children need to meet in the foyer at 10:40 AM the Sunday of the Parent Commission & Family Dedication.
2. The parents and children will come onto the platform.
3. Pastor Josh Taylor will introduce each family and recognize family present in the congregation.
4. Pastor Aaron Dougherty will present the purpose of parent commission and family dedication.
5. Pastor Josh Taylor will ask parents to affirm commitments by responding: “We do.” He will also ask the congregation to affirm commitments by responding: “We do.”
6. Pastor Josh Taylor will lead in a prayer of dedication for the parents to raise their children according to the Scriptures with the support of Mt. Carmel.
7. Each family will come forward to receive their children’s dedication certificate and their child’s Bible.
8. Afterward, families will return to their respective places.

Please fill out this form for each child. You will be contacted by one of our pastors.